It’s All About the Berries

Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Rasperries, it’s not just their rich color, it’s their texture and the clean fresh taste they leave on our lips that make them irresistible any time of day thoughout the summer. Fresh from the garden with our morning coffee, paired with cereal, sprinkled in salads, dressing up our cheese plate or better yet, added to a cocktail there’s more to celebrate in a berry than pie and shortcake.

Summer design is like our berries; it’s full color and fresh clean lines. Layered in texture to mimic the landscape of flowers in the garden, sand and crushed shells at the shore and soft summer moss by the lake our homes reflect our pace as we welcome the chance to relax, reflect and restore ourselves.

We bring this up on our blog because we can find inspiration from anywhere! I have an upcoming cross country trip and I am really looking forward to all that lies ahead of me. Where do you guys find your inspiration from?

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