Is Hiring an Interior Designer Worth it?

Looking for Value and Luxury? We get it!

Decorating, renovating or just a simple spruce up is easy right? It looks so easy on HGTV. Do you ask yourself, “Why did I buy the sofa that is too big for the room, hang the drapes that pucker and sag and pick paint colors that seem to cast shadows at all times of the day?”

Sometimes these are costly mistakes. But they do not need to be!

Life is complicated. You have a job, a commute, a family calendar that needs to be juggled and a house that begs to be organized and decorated but you just can’t find the time. Over and over I hear individual’s express their dismay with their inability to pull it all together.

Why do we put so much pressue on ourselves? At work, if you need help or assistance, you ask your team to pitch in, and at home, you have a “honey do list” that you delegate to a handyman or a family member.

How valuable is your time? Do you settle in with a glass of wine or a cup of tea and start “decorating” from your favorite website at 9pm? Do deliveries arrive only to be boxed up and returned?

341 Interiors is in the business of creating a home that revolves around you! Our expertise include:

  • Residential Design
    • This includes paint or wallpaper, furniture, window treatments, accents, and lighting.
  • Full Home Renovations
    • We can help design your dream renovation based on your own personal style. We have great relationships with other home professionals such as architects, painters, and contractors who can help you with this process
  • Additions
    • This could be anything! Whether you want to change a room with new built-ins or add a second floor, bedroom or bathroom; we will work together to add the flawless design to your home.
  • Space Planning
    • Do you have a lot of different pieces, but you’re not sure how they go together? That’s where we come in!
  • Color Consultation
    • We can keep things as bold or soft as you would like. Color is important for each and every space, and we love to show our clients how things can mix and match!
  • Furniture, Material Selection and Design
    • We love helping clients search for the right pieces. Whether you want something that is kid-friendly or more custom, we will work to find something for your style, home and specifications.

To establish your priorities, we begin with a short phone or e-mail conversation to set a date for an initial 11/2 – 2 hour in-home consultation. The in-home visit is designed to give us a chance to discuss your project, style preferences, timeline and budget. No job is too big or too small. Collaborating together gives us the opportunity to explore the possibilities open to you and create a strategy tailored to your project.

Throughout the project we will work with and manage sub-contractors, ours or yours, to ensure that your project is delivered to specification, on-time and on-budget. This is about giving you a home, space or environment you have always dreamed about!

Questions? Always feel free to reach out to us and we can talk about how to get started!







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